Why is ATEEZ Mingi and Jay Park receiving hate for doing 'GANADARA' dance challenge together?

Jay Park recently released his new track 'GANADARA' featuring soloist IU. The song is trending and charting on various major Korean music charts and is very close to achieving a perfect-all-kill. To promote the song and to support the idols, 'GANADARA' dance challenge began where many K-pop artists who are friends of Jay Park and IU participated including Kang Daniel, GOT7 Jay B, ATEEZ Mingi etc.


Although the response the challenge received is quite shocking as many other idols' fans showed their disappointment due to Jay Park's past and present controversies. One particular artist's dance challenge that received quite a lot of negative reaction is ATEEZ's Mingi who, on various occasions, has revealed that he idolizes Jay Park. When the dance challenge was put out on social media, fans left insensitive comments such as "No, not Jay Park", "Mingi, blink twice if you need help", "Mingi needs to be saved" so on and so forth.


To shut the trolls, Jay park himself took to Twitter and savagely replied, "Whether ppl like it or not I inspire a lot of their favourite idols. Just cause they cheer me on doesn't mean you should take it out on them. If you're a fan you shouldn't bully the person you're a fan of. Think bout how that makes them feel." Don't you think this is just unnecessary hate against both the idols?