Why Bernard's Pregnant Daughter Was Told To Make-Up Of A Corpse?

Buried by the Bernards is a fun show on Netflix about a Bernard Family, who runs a Funeral Home. The owner, Ryan Bernard's elder daughter, Deja is almost 9 months pregnant and her grandmother, Debbie, the boss orders her to do the make-up of a dead body for funeral. Deja is accompanied by her younger sister, Raegan for this task. However, what concerns me is how Deja is allowed to do that. Yes, the corpse is sanitized but she is going to give birth in a few days. She has been coming to the funeral home everyday as it is their family business and she assists them. Everything is fine, until she is made to do this make-up thing. According to Debbie, if she has worked in every difficult situation in her life, even her granddaughters must do the same. I felt that wasn't good for the baby as well as for Deja. What are your thoughts?