Why can't Akshay Kumar stop his nationalistic film spree?

Akshay Kumar knows how to adapt with time. Throughout the 90s, he was doing one action film after the other got the name 'Khiladi Kumar' because of it. Then in the 2000s he realized the audience's mood and switched to comedy with 'Hera Pheri' which he is still doing.


But ever since the BJP came into power, Akshay was one of the first to realise that patriotic stories were the need of the hour. From Airlift to Baby, to Kesari, these films are filled with motivational dialogues, chest-thumping jingoism among other things. Now he is coming up with another film. a film called 'Gorkha.' It is based on the life of Major General Ian Cardozo, an officer of the Gorkha regiment of the Indian Army (5th Gorkha Rifles).


The film will be helmed by national award winner Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. Even though the poster and the premise seem interesting, I feel we have had too much of Akshay's patriotic universe films. What are your thoughts on this?