Why is the Central Board of Film Certification now expanding to productions streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime? What are your thoughts about it?

I hate the concept of cinema censorship, and I despise even more that it's now being applied to Netflix and Amazon Prime shows. The problem is that India is teeming with people who adore being offended by anything and then wasting the court's time with civil lawsuits.

And of course, the various state and central governments are filled with people like that too, who love the idea of people getting offended. Of course, they do this to catch people's attention in the hopes of being rewarded by the electorate. It's no surprise, then, that OTT content would be censored.

I believe the Indian Censor Board is one of the most terrible censor boards in the world - perhaps slightly better than the Iranian censor board (based on what I've read about them). However, the Indian censor board is nothing to be proud of. As per me, they should be a certifying board - they ought to give a certification to a film/show, and then shut up.

No censoring words, no cutting scenes, nothing. Let the filmmaker show what he or she wants to. I don’t see why a random group of censorious individuals should have so much power over content.