Why did Alia Bhatt choose OTT rather than theatres for the release of Darlings?

Darlings was co-produced by Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment and Alia Bhatt. Netflix started streaming it starting on August 5. Along with Alia playing the protagonist, the dark comedy also stars Vijay Varma and Shefali Shah. The Darlings film, a dark comedy directed by novice Jasmeet K Reen, was financed by the Gull Boy actress through her production company, Eternal Sunshine. Alia Bhatt discussed the decision to release the movie via OTT rather than in theatres.

Alia Said It was not something that she discussed during the pandemic. all of the producers gathered in 2019 and that is when the initial negotiations started. Then in 2020, the entire planet was put on lockdown, but the creators have stated from the beginning that this is the kind of movie that, for a variety of reasons, will be excellent on a site like Netflix. Who wouldn't want that reach when you reach out to over 190 nations on Day 1 alone? Because of the content available on OTT, as we are all aware, the world has shrunk considerably. Korean, Spanish, South Indian, and other languages' content is consumed by us. It is now something that is quite simple to access. It's just a different manner of consuming content; we don't need to travel or attend film festivals.

Since this movie isn't a standard theatrical release, I now think the decision was reasonable because OTT would bring in more revenue for the movie. How do you feel?