Why did Alia Bhatt decide to become a mother so soon? Ranbir Kapoor explains

Ranbir Kapoor has been promoting his new film, Shamshera and during the promotion, Ranbir Kapoor got candid about going to become a father. Talking to Harper's Bazaar India, Ranbir spoke about welcomig a new chapter in his life. 

The actor said "Alia and I have been talking about having kids from the first day we met and fell in love. I've always wanted children. And she wants children. To start a new chapter in life... I am extremely excited about that, I can't wait."

Alia Bhatt announced her pregnancy last month and ever since then, the couple has been bombarded with questions. Ironically, just before Alia Bhatt made her pregnancy public, there was a video of Ranbir playing with a baby and fans said that he would be a great dad the day he becomes a father.