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Why did Arshi break down?

 Vikas Gupta was not keeping well due to a throat infection over the past few days, and admitted to the fact, too. In yesterday's episode, Vikas Gupta can be seen crying and complaining about his toothache with fellow contestants Aly Goni and Nikki Tamboli. While the housemates were earlier seen making fun of him, after Bigg Boss asks them to pack Vikas Gupta's luggage and keep it in the storeroom, they realize that Vikas is actually quitting the show. This led to Arshi Khan breaking down when BB asks contestants to pack Vikas Gupta's bags and keep them in the storeroom. Arshi can be seen saying that she thought Vikas is acting but he was actually not feeling well. She even apologized to Vikas Gupta while crying.

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