Why did Bollywood make Rani Mukerji the symbol of badluck?

Rani Mukerji has created her unique identity in the industry by making bold film choices in the past few years. However, when we go back, we might notice a pattern of characters she chose or was offered. These films made her look out of luck, struggling to achieve what she wished for:

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham: She essayed the character of Naina, Rahul’s (SRK) childhood friend who had loved him since ever and finally got the chance to marry him. However, her bad luck strikes in and Rahul confesses to her about his love for Anjali (Kajol), and she happily gives up.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: Now tables have turned. Here, Anjali (Kajol) loves Rahul (SRK), but he confesses about his love for Tina (Rani). Tina reciprocates his feelings, and the couple starts a family. But Tina is not lucky, as she dies and leaves some eight letters for her daughter Anjali (Sana Saeed). In addition, she urges her daughter to marry off Rahul to Anjali (Kajol).

Mujhse Dosti Karoge: As per the Yashraj rule, Pooja (Rani) has loved Raj (Hrithik) since childhood. However, he thinks that it was Tina (Kareena) who used to email him every day, but that was Pooja. As the formula suggests, Pooja’s bad luck knocks on the door, and she happily becomes Raj’s wing woman.

Hum Tum: She meets a childish guy, Karan (Saif) on a plane but she doesn’t fall for him as he is childish, obviously. Then she marries a guy, who loves her. Again, as per the ritual, something bad is ought to happen, so her husband dies in a car accident. She ends up marrying Karan.

Talash: Roshni (Rani) and Surjan (Aamir) are happily married with a son, Karan who dies by drowning in water. The couple takes the blame of this mishap and their happy love life is over. Roshni is lonely until Karan tries to communicate with her through a supernatural medium.

If you notice, Rani’s films offered a very formulated character to her. It is good to see her in different roles lately. Which of the Rani’s characters is your favourite?