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Why Did Kangana Ranaut Once Again Oppose Priyanka Chopra’s Changed Political Stance?

Voicing her opinion on a leading daily’s news website tweet which said that New York Times is looking for “anti-establishment" correspondents, Kangana Ranaut took a nasty shot at Priyanka Chopra for her changed political stance from a nationalist to a secular, and slammed her for this transformation, calling her a ‘secular puppy’.

Kangana took to Instagram and wrote, “But this is not just in journalism. It is in every field, the way Priyanka Chopra has gone from being a nationalist to secular puppy. From being Modi ji’s biggest fan to his passionate critic and hater is evident. Basically roti ke liye duniya nachati hai. Apne desh mein freedom toh hai. Jo karna hai karo .” Well looks like Kangana is not ready to spare anyone in and out of the industry, everyone better look out for her shocking attacks! Do you think Kangana is justified in making these political statements while throwing shade on a fellow actress of the country?


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