Why did Mukesh Khanna attack Ajay Devgn?

TV actor Mukesh Khanna slammed Ajay Devgn for endorsing tobacco and smoking through advertisements and films. Taking to his YouTube channel, Khanna, in his over 9-minute video, talked about the ill-effects of smoking, tobacco, and alcohol. In the video titled “Unche logo ki neechi pasand” which roughly translates to "Rich people’s lowly habits", the actor also criticized big stars for promoting these products. He targeted Ajay Devgn who is the face of a tobacco brand by saying that he feels with the big stars like Ajay who advertise such (tobacco, alcohol, and cigarettes) products are doing wrong. Becoming the face of these products, selling their personality, they say ‘zuban kesari’ and become a hero. This reflects poorly on the youth of the nation who idealize them. Do you guys agree?