Why did NH10 not win any of the Filmfare awards?

The movie in itself is a gripping compact story of how a planned getaway goes awry after the lead couple gets involved in a family honour killing case which takes place in the interiors of NH10. The movie shows us another side of Anushka Sharma which just shows how she can also do well in realistic cinema. Darshan Kumar who was seen as a very down to earth, homely guy in Mary Kom plays the bad guy with utmost conviction. The talented Deepti Naval plays a baddie matriarch responsible for architecturing the honour killing in a cameo. Neil Bhoopalam lends a good balance to Anushka's character though his role has lesser screen timing. What works for the movie is the direction of Navdeep Singh, along with a compact, to the point storytelling approach. The fact that no songs were added just for the heck of it makes it better. The background score adds to the terrifying effect. The effect is more pronounced in the last half an hour when Anushka's character enters revenge mode!! This terrifying gruesome highway is surely worth a ride!! :)

It was a great film and excellent acting by Anushka Sharma. There is no credibility for award shows these days, If Anushka Sharma was present in any of the award shows she would have won it.