Why did 'Roohi' flop but 'Stree' made it's mark in the history? #3yearsofStree

Both the films Roohi and Stree are backed by the same production house called Maddock Films. While Stree was released in 2018, Roohi got released this year itself.

In fact Roohi is a follow-up of Stree, both the films effortlessly blended two genres - horror and comedy - while giving out an important message, but the question remains if both the films were so similar then why did one become a huge hit while teh other flopped badly?

The main reason could be the pandemic, people were badly affected and forget theatres they didn't even feel like watching films at home. Furthermore the music of Roohi has failed to create any impact the way Stree did. What else do you think could be the reason behind Roohi's failure?