Why did Shah Rukh Khan's affair with Priyanka Chopra spark so much controversy?

Shah Rukh has never really sparked a lot of controversies owing to his link-up with his co-stars. Despite being hailed as the king of romance in this country, it is laudable how he's been able to escape such gossips. However, there is one such alleged affair of SRK with Priyanka Chopra which was the hottest topic in B-Town for a very long time. There are many reasons why Shah Rukh's affair with Priyanka Chopra spark so much controversy.

Because SRK hadn't normally been linked with any of his co-stars in such a long-spanning career. No one would've thought of SRK doing this but when it happened, it left everyone shocked!

Because his affair with Priyanka had become very evident, they seemed very comfortable with each other's company, they were spotted at many events together, they also expressed their affinity for each other in many interviews.

Rumours went to an extreme level which became very difficult to believe. There were rumours about his marriage with Gauri being on the verge of collapse, Priyanka started avoiding public appearance with him, SRK buying a new flat for her worth crores, etc. The biggest rumour I heard was that they secretly got married which I still don't know is true or not!

Both of them were big and popular stars back then and everyone knew them. Everyone spoke about them and it was next to impossible to cover up any news.

Priyanka's 'read between the lines' attitude in Koffee with Karan, in one of the episodes, Priyanka gave every possible hint that suggested that something major had gone down between the two and they're not on talking terms now.