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Why did Sonam Kapoor marry Anand Ahuja and not anyone else from Bollywood?

Sonam Kapoor tied the knot with Anand Ahuja in 2018 and since then they are having a happy married life. In a recent interview with Vogue, Sonam revealed why she married Anand and not anyone from Bollywood.


As we all know that Sonam Kapoor is a hard core feminist and she has been quite vocal about pay gaps in bollywood between male and female actors and according to her Anand is very much like minded.


She feels that bollywood actors have a very limited thinking and they just don't think beyond the industry where as she has a different mindset and point of view. which is again complimented by Anand. The couple is really fond of each other and look great together, but suppose if Sonam had married someone from the Bollywood industry who do you think that would have been?



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