Why didn't Aamir Khan help his brother Faissal Khan like he helped Imran Khan initially?

Aamir Khan is a big name in the industry. As one of the reigning superstars, he's aided and guided his nephew Imran Khan during his initial journey into Bollywood. It was shocking to see that Aamir has a brother who's acted in films before. In fact, Faissal Khan is barely recognisable from the time he starred in Mela.

Seeing that Bollywood works a lot based on nepotism and connections, or due to godfathers like Karan Johar and Salman Khan, I was wondering why Aamir Khan didn't help out Faissal as well. While he's set to make a comeback with Faactory, he's gone on record to speak about how he's done small roles but they've all been unsuccessful.

Isn't it very surprising that Aamir hasn't helped him out then? He even owns a production house yet he hasn't featured his brother in those movies.