Why didn't BTS win a GRAMMY?

BTS wasn't able to win a Grammy this year, and leader RM has guessed the reason why they didn't win. Meanwhile, the group's style has changed since they started making English singles like Dynamite, Butter, and Permission to Dance. The songs are upbeat and fun but is it really BTS's style? Is the Western approach in music enough to get them a Grammy?

Believe it or not, their new 'western' style is definitely made for records and achievements. And there's nothing wrong with it. However, these English songs got them a nomination at the Grammys but weren't enough to get the award. And I do miss the old-school songs like 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' and 'Fire'.

After the Las Vegas concert, leader RM did a Vlive where he talked about Grammys. He said 'Doja Cat won. But, it's alright. We can admit it'. Then he shared what he had learned "We have to be directly participating in our whole album more." "Personally, the lyrics, melodies, and arrangements. Someday we will do it by ourselves." He continued "I think it's one of the reasons why people looked down on us".

BTS is talented of course and each member has made their own music several times. But I wish HYBE tries to promote their talents more. For now, I think they'll keep making at least one English song per year because the Grammys most probably won't nominate a Korean song. But the members also need to participate in the making. What are your thoughts? Why didn't they win?