Why didn't the producers make Alia and Madhuri dance in the song Ghar more pardesiya?

Do you remember Dola re dola? In Devdas, Aishwarya and Madhuri had a face-off. Aishwarya was devastated since, despite her best efforts, she had failed. Madhuri was the centre of attention.


I suppose Karan Johar devised a new strategy to avoid a confrontation.


Karan Johar's brand Dharma and he is Alia Bhatt's Godfather. He was the one who got her into the business, and his father would have done the same. However, PG-13 films aren't Bhatt's forte.


Despite just standing and making expressions, I realised after watching the music. Madhuri nailed it with the song. She could have stolen the show if she had danced.


Alia lacked grace and was expressionless as she struggled to make her moves. I discovered she has a terrible command of classical music. She should have practised more, but her lack of sharp features prevented her from nailing the tune. Deepika was stunning in mastani, while Aishwarya was stunning in Kajra re. Madhuri, on the other hand, is unrivalled. Madhuri outshone Alia simply by standing and expressing herself. That is why she is a legend, and no one compares to her.