Why do actresses get replaced more easily than actors in the South?

The South Indian Film Industry is infamous for its absolutely minimal representation of women and sexism (which extends to Bollywood as well) in content. However, recent events force us to ask the question - why do actresses get replaced more easily than actors in the South?

Almost in the announcements of all movies, the actress’s name is excluded because until then, the actress hasn’t even been finalised. Even when she is finally locked in, there is high volatility in her job and one can never be sure if the final movie will have her or not. This is frankly unfair and quite disgusting. If you don’t believe me, here are a few examples:

1. Uppena (2021): The movie was announced in 2019 with clips from the mahurat shot going viral. In the mahurat shot, the actress finalised was Manisha Raj who was largely advertised and also in all the clips. However, the final movie had another actress - Krithi Shetty - who replaced Manisha.

2. Acharya (2021-22): Trisha was supposed to Acharya with Mega Star Chiranjeevi. But she was removed or she was let go, even though she is an extremely popular and established actress, because of some disagreements and that she wasn’t consulted for any changes being made to the movie.

3. Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kadhal (2021): Trisha was supposed to do this movie as well. However, at the end moment, she was replaced by Samantha Akkineni even though this movie is supposed to be a strong, women-oriented movie.

These are just some few examples. The list is long. Patriarchy is still extremely massive with high job insecurity and low pay for women in the Film Industry. Even though today, the roles of women in films are increasing, these factors need to be kept in moderation and check. Let me know in the comments what you think.