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Why do actresses have a ticking age limit in the industry and actors don't? Bollywood is sexist !

Bollywood is sexist for so many reasons but the fact that a 50 year old actor can romance a 20 something year old actress in a movie and the roles can never be reversed or there will be a storm in the industry is just insane. In my opinion, there is always a ticking age bomb for the actresses in this industry. Older actresses are never casted for a romantic movie opposite a comparatively, younger actor. If you can think of one, name it! I am not saying that mature actresses are not getting gigs, they are, the roles are just more female centric and limited and most importantly don’t involve a male actor. Isn’t it bizarre that 55 year old Salman Khan is romancing Disha Patani who is 27 years younger than him. 27 years, that is just crazy!!! I am not saying that it’s a crime to do that, it’s the entertainment industry, crazier things happen here. My point is that why don’t the same rules apply to women of the industry. Beautiful and gorgeous actresses are not given the roles they deserve. STOP BEING SEXIST, BOLLYWOOD!

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