Why do Ananya and Shanaya have the same accent?

Star kids have always remained on the hit-list of trolls ever since the nepotism debate took off in India. Be it for the way they carry themselves, or the way they answer paparazzi, they are constantly under the radar of judgments. This is mainly because it is easy to peep into their lives as they have chosen to be public figures. While some of the trolls are baseless and have no substance to them, some of them carry meaningful questions.

Once while I was watching Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives and heard Shanaya Kapoor speaking, I had a déjà vu. I felt that I have heard someone else speaking the same way. I then realized that it was her own ‘bestie’ Ananya Panday. While it was clear to me that this is not their natural accent, I wondered why are they even trying to sound like each other? I might have got my answer. Their love for the Kardashians is apparent and I feel this is exactly where they are influenced to speak in a way that annoys people sometimes.

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