Why do I relate to Ranbir Kapoor from 'Wake Up Sid'?

The story and concept of the movie were something that the youth could easily connect to. a rich boy, having nothing to lose with all the richness from his family and one fine day is left with nothing but his own self. This is when he realized that it is his own self that he has to depend on for his advancement and after a tough phase he did well in life and started valuing what he has. Life is similarly a phase where there are ups and downs but we need to learn to fight the hardships on our own and make fruitful things out of it.

Even though Sid disrespects, and disagrees with his parent and act like a rebel, we (the viewers) are not offended because we know his situation and is the Hero in ways, we relate to him especially his freedom and his happening dhinchak party called life!! The movie is remarkable in its own ways because of Ranbir, who is an ultimate doston ka dost and living a carefree life.

Anupam Kher, the dad…I loved him in his role, especially for Come to the office for a month and I will give the fancy car of your dreams ( a bonanza deal….right). Sid's lovely mother played by Supriya Pathak is just too good yaar!

The cherry on the cake is - New girl in the city Konkana!!