Why do Kapoor & Sons (2016 Indian Film) deserve more?

At some level, we all believe in Just World Hypothesis. When we see a movie the expectations are a notch higher. We want to see how each thread closes up at the end and what emerges is a neat bow. Some movies do not do that. Some movies picture realities and do not aim to fulfil your expectations of a just world. The realities that leave you sad and upset, that question the point of tussles and quarrels, that highlight the human elements of the family. 'Kapoor and Sons' falls under that bucket.

Kapoor and Sons is a story of two estranged brothers, their parents and their army veteran grandfather. Amarjeet Kapoor, the grandfather, suffers from a heart attack and both Arjun (Siddharth Malhotra) and Rahul (Fawad Khan) fly from USA and England respectively. We are not explicitly told the reasons for their estrangement, but as the story unfolds the veneer of a good family image starts to collapse revealing the fractured relationships. It is interesting to follow the story as it is told.

'Problems toh har family me hoti hai, par koi apni family see durr nahi jata'