Why do Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone's fans hate each other?

So, because these die-hard fans adore their idols, they can't blatantly criticize the other actor, so they target their fans, and the conflict begins. Katrina was a leading actress in Bollywood and had reached the pinnacle of her career until Deepika Padukone entered the scene, and she gained greater success in Bollywood in a much shorter period of time than Katrina. Following back-to-back performances, the crowd preferred Deepika to Katrina for her excellent acting. Following that, Katrina was constantly mocked for her performances, which enraged her followers, and they went against Deepika specifically.  They mocked Deepika when Ranbir broke up with her due to Katrina and the vice-versa happened when Katrina broke up with Ranbir. Now they mock each other for every topic.


It's only natural for fans to fight each other. Despite the fact that Salman and Shahrukh are pals, their supporters still fight like dogs. Even in Hollywood, DC and Marvel fans despise each other, but the majority of moviegoers couldn't care less.


I hope that in the future, these fans recognize reality and don't defend or mock their favorite artists or actresses for no reason. It's amusing how individuals who don't work or achieve anything scorn or despise people like Deepika and Katrina's followers, whereas the hardworking actresses respect and don't despise one another.