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Why Do LGBTQ Notions For Bollywood Vary In Reel And Real Life?

Bollywood has been learning to experiment with gay themes on screen since the post 377 era. The industry has tried to produce many films revolving around LGBTQ, but has so far not created any satisfactory impact. Back in 2008, Dostana was criticised for laughing at gay characters, the film was queer-friendly, but mostly a wasted effort. In 2019, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga turned out to be a weak film that dealt with many issues but avoided discussing or showing same-sex love between two women.

Bollywood is taking a long and quite possibly a hard time understanding sexuality right now. Even though the ongoing global conversations and Hollywood voicing its opinion on pride, should encourage more dedicated filmmakers to explore alternative sexuality. However, in Bollywood these discussions are restricted to on-screen portrayals only. Even the idea of many A-listers taking on gay roles would seem improbable because they shy away fearing an adverse impact on their career. Is Bollywood really trying to make an effort to come out of the closet, in reality, or are they just pretending to do it indirectly in reel life?


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