Why do people consider Abhishek Bachchan a pathetic actor despite giving a memorable performance in Guru?

Abhishekh Bachchan is very talented but an unfortunate actor. He has tremendous acting skills. He can do intense roles to funny roles with perfection. He is the son of a megastar. People started comparing his talent with that of his father. This was really unfair. He was growing & he made some bad movie choices and people tagged him as a 'Flop actor'. They don't understand that he is also very talented. Just because he could not match his father in terms of popularity does not make him a bad actor. One more reason why people judged him was because of their high expectations.

A megastar's son is expected to be a megastar, if he is any short of that then he is a failure. It was really unfair. I don't consider him a pathetic actor. He is really talented. We just need to stop comparing & judging every actor. It's high time to stop!