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Why Do So Many People Choose to Watch Dramas?

This is an interesting question - and an important one too. With Korean Drama's becoming one of the common modes of entertainment, one cannot help but question what drives millions of people to consume content which is not even their language on a regular basis. Here are a few reasons I feel are relevant (feel free to comment yours below): 1. The Plots Korean drama's generally show plots which are unique or not a commonality in the world outside. These plots will give you a touch of every possible genre and often keep you entertained for long. 2. The Lack of Follow Up As most dramas finish within a season which is around 16 episodes long, most fans find them easier to watch with minimal commitment. The attachment formed in this time however, is no joke. 3. The Visuals And, no, I do not mean just the actors and actresses. The sets, the locations, the costumes and various other elements are placed in such a beautiful manner that you cannot help wanting to watch more so you can absorb the attractive visuals. Once again, comment so we can discuss factors which influenced us to watch dramas. Image credit: Pinterest

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