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Why do some people hate on celebrities partners/spouses?

Some people seem to not be able to see the sight of some celebrities they like (or dislike) being with someone they don’t want them to be with or even just being with someone at all. It’s honestly such toxic and at times, disgusting behaviour. Hating on there partners for no apparent reason is just absurd. And worst of all, these people claim they’re a ‘fan’ or ‘care’ for these celebrities. When quite frankly if they did care, they wouldn’t be bashing the people these celebrities are with. I mean do they think they're doing a favour by hating on the people they are with?? It’s like there partners can’t do anything without getting hate. The most recent wrath of these supposed ‘fans’ was dealt by Natasha Dalal (She married Varun this year) who has constantly been getting hate for anything she does or even doesn’t do, it’s like she’s gets hate for just breathing. Before that, Anushka also had to deal with a lot of hate too, to the point she was blamed whenever India lost a match (the logic is just beyond me). The behaviour is honestly disgusting and these people don’t even count as ‘fans’ they’re just people who’re are obsessed and either wanting these celebrities to be single or with the people they want them to be with. They need to understand, they don’t own these celebrities. Let them and there partners live in peace honestly.


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