Why do we need to watch JTBC's new K-pop themed drama "IDOL: The Coup?"

"IDOL: The Coup," a new JTCB drama starring Hani (Exid), Exy (WJSN), Solbin (Laboum), Kim Ji-won (Red Square) as the member of a fictional girl group "Cotton candy," is all set to premiere on November 8. I came across its trailer and realized what an interesting topic it is for a drama. We have seen multiple dramas where a K-pop idol's life has been presented. However, this drama is quite different as it will completely revolve around the struggle of this girl group and their battle to not disband.

The three reasons which really captured my fancy and captivated me to watch this are, firstly, the cast! The cast themselves are K-pop idols already, and I believe this adds up to the authenticity of the drama. They themselves are aware of this horrifying feeling of potential disbandment and only they can portray the real roller coaster of emotions.

Secondly, I have hardly seen any drama which is entirely based on a K-pop group that is struggling and is on the verge of disbandment. K-pop life is always dealt, rather, vaguely in K-dramas, but I do sense that this can be a much-needed divergence from that. As K-pop fans, we are always so fascinated by the kind of life our idols live, and this drama is providing us with a chance to get a sense of the behind-the-scenes.

Lastly, life lessons, which will be sprinkled throughout the drama. After watching the trailers I can imagine that there are going to be various life lessons for the youth. The drama in itself exudes inspiration and never giving-up attitude. The production team of 'IDOL: The Coup' also said, "I want to convey comfort to the youth who are enduring difficult moments through the appearance of Cotton Candy, who does her best even in the face of bitter failure."

The drama will soon premiere on JTBC and I have added it to my "to be watched" list, have you?

Watch the teaser below!