Why does every 'The Red Sleeve' fan needs to watch Yoo Ah-in starrer 'The throne'?

One of the most successful dramas of 2021 'The Red Sleeve' has ended, and it left us bawling over the ending. Well, once you are finally ready to move on, do give 'The Throne' a watch. This historical movie starring Yoo Ah-in gives you a background story of the late father of Yi San (played by Lee Jun-ho), Sado (played by Yoo Ah-in).

If you thought King Yi San's life was heart-wrenching, wait until you watch this masterpiece. The movie revolves around the Crown Prince who was deemed unfit to rule and was condemned to death by his own father and was locked in a rice chest for eight days. This painful story of Yi San's father and grandfather will leave you shattered. It would be safe to say that 'The Red Sleeve' is a sequel to this movie. Do bring a box of tissues with you because it's a real tear-jerker.

This movie, by the way, was South Korea's entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, although it was not nominated. It went on to win many major awards, but despite that, it became an underrated gem that deserves more recognition.