Why does Hansal Mehta want to work with Kangana after their Simran fallout?

Director Hansal Mehta held a Q&A session recently on his Instagram page. One of the questions posed was whether he'd work with Kangana Ranaut again. Surprisingly, the answer from his end was a "yes". This is starkly different from the interviews he had given before about the actress. His directorial collaboration with Kangana was supposedly a difficult one. Hansal had called the film a mistake, and there was reportedly a dispute between him and Kangana on who made the movie. He'd said that midway into the shoot, Kangana took charge and changed a massive part of the script, then claimed credit for the film. Simran eventually didn't win hearts or work well at the box office. Given this tumultuous past, isn't it a bit strange that Mehta wants to work with Kangana once again? Was the fallout a PR game, or was his answer to work with her again just him wanting to bury the hatchet? And if things were so icy between them, Mehta could have not answered the question on social media at all.