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Why does Lee Sooman want to sabotage NCT so bad?

According to a recent article Lee Sooman is set to add another sub-unit to NCT.The unit will be called NCT-Hollywood. The talent search will be open for American males aged 13-25.Upon selection contestants will be flown to Seoul for bootcamp training. NCT is SM's concept group with several subunits like NCT127(Seoul Based),NCT Dream(teenagers) and WayV(China Based). But as fans were waiting for a Japanese group or more comebacks from other SM artist,Lee Sooman is out there adding white people to a K-Pop band? NCT already has 23 members and seems like Lee Sooman adds on more as he gets bored.But isn't he going too far with this move.Isn't this his obsession to breakthrough the western music industry? Hope that Lee Sooman learns to treat his artists with respect first rather than planning out his culturally insensitive ideas!

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