Why Does Money Heist's Professor Twitch His Glasses?

Anything that happens in Money Heist is the Professor's plan- not only onscreen but also offscreen. Professor's famous specs adjustment style might also be planned by him, I mean by the actor, Alvaro Morte, who plays Professor. Whether he is confident, happy, sad or nervous, he doesn't stop twitching those spectacles. I have always wondered about the reason behind it. Finally I found some believable theories on reddit. Some fans said that Alvaro Morte does it purposely to bring a unique trait to the character; few guessed it to be a part of the script; however, someone stated that Alvaro doesn't wear specs in real life, so when he portrayed this character, he used to keep adjusting it to feel comfortable. The makers might have thought to give this a creative twist. Whatever the reason is, it is fun to watch his unique specs twitching and tapping.

This 40 seconds video is a treat to all the Professor's fans, or rather I say- students.