Why doesn't Karan Johar advocate for LGBTQ+ rights even after being so powerful?

Karan Johar's sexuality has been questioned for years now. He has been subjected to a lot of false rumours and scrutiny only because of his sexual orientation. In his biography, 'An Unsuitable Boy', he said that he will never come out of the closet because of the regressive approach of our country towards homosexuality. He also blames the judiciary of India for the homophobia in India. He is one of the biggest filmmakers of Bollywood and he had the power to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights through his movies as well but he chose to keep quiet on the issue. It is understandable that he does not want to go through public scrutiny after coming out since he is a public figure but he should try to become a role model for others who are lesser privileged. He is an educated, empowered and powerful person who can inspire so many people just by coming out and not be scared anymore. However, everyone has the right to take their own time and come out when they feel comfortable. What do you think?