Why is Emraan Hashmi no longer referred to be a serial kisser?

We're all aware If there was one thing that practically every Emraan Hashmi film had in common, it was the daring kissing sequences. He pioneered the serial kissing' trend in the industry, and no one has been able to dethrone him to this day.

Emraan Hashmi kissed the actresses in a number of films, including Zeher, Jannat, The Dirty Picture, and Tum Mile. Surprisingly, he had some...unfortunate experiences while filming such scenarios.

Emraan Hashmi, on the other hand, grew bored of being labelled as the guy who kisses movie women as his career advanced.

He did these pictures during the first ten years of his career, and he, regrettably, has done it to himself. This tag was given to him as a joke, but it became viral, the media picked up on it, and it took precedence over everything. And we had a country obsessed with sexuality and how it was portrayed on film. It was a 'aha' moment when he first started in 2003 to watch a guy kissing all of his heroines. That became a topic of conversation.

However, as time passed, you should have realised this. He also realised he'd had enough of it. Because those movies made him feel like he'd been there and done that. Despite the fact that those films were doing really well at the box office, I got the impression that he has an actor in him who wants to do more. He's growing as an actor, but I believe he was pushed to choose these scripts because that's what was working at the time, and in this business, we demand Xerox copies of everything. But he wasn't receiving any artistic satisfaction.

What's your call on this?