Why is every Deepika Hater automatically a Katrina FAN/PR and every Katrina Hater a Deepika Fan/PR on this platform?

This is for all those people who start bringing Katrina Kaif to every single conversation about Deepika Padukone and vice versa. This is a routine here. Any post which has something negative about Deepika Padukone, people will start talking about Katrina Kaif in the comment section. I understand that you disagree with the article, you can talk and discuss about the points they raised…but why are you dragging the name of another actress through the mud in the comment section who has nothing to do with it and same goes for the other way around. How do you even know that the person who wrote the negative article is a Katrina fan? What If they don’t like her too? Or is it always just always one way or another for you?I think you are living in a world where people are either Deepika’s Fan or Katrina’s Fan.

I apologise for the rant but this fight is so unnecessary! I hope people don’t spread hate under this post as well and this post acts like a reality check…THESE TWO ACTRESSES ARE NOT RELATED TO EACH OTHER IN ANY WAY! Stop this weird obsession with them.