Why 'The Flash' actor Ezra Miller is running away from the Police?

If you love sci-fi then you must have heard or seen the show 'The Flash'. Actor Ezra Miller has been going through a lot. Just yesterday, it was announced that the actor has been fired from the show because of the legal battles that have swamped Ezra. The entire incident began on April 19th.

On that day, The Flash actor was arrested for second-degree assault. The reason behind this charge was that when Ezra was asked to leave a certain party that took place in the Puna district of Hawaii, near Pāhoa instead of leaving Ezra decided to rebel and throw a chair in that process. Unfortunately, that chair hit a woman and resulted in a half-inch cut.

Reports are saying that while the actor has been going through so many changes, there are people out there who were not happy with Ezra being associated with the show. Apart from this, there have been too many twists and turns that have taken the legal step. What are your thoughts on that?