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Why Four More Shots Please is Problematic

While this show was released with the intention of being ‘woke’ and raising awareness on problems faced by women, it failed to be more than a fashion fest. It was unrelatable, strange and honestly made most female viewers cringe more than you’d think ideal. By using characters who are well-to-do and somewhat successful, this show places a huge question mark on what they were trying to show. In fact, the irresponsible behaviour depicted in the show shocked viewer’s too.

It felt like in the name of breaking stereotypes, the showmakers forgot that becoming absolute party animals takes you nowhere. And, while Season 2 was relatively better, it does not change the fact that given the era it was released in, it felt problematic. While many enjoyed it, many were disappointed that the creator’s let go of a good opportunity to create a show with progressive women doing their own thing.


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