Why G-Dragon is the king of K-pop?

G-dragon celebrates his 33rd birthday today. After two years of essential military enlistment, he returned to the music industry last year. G-dragon born Kwon Ji Yong is one of the most influential celebrities in K-pop and also in global fashion. He is the most in-demand idol even after ten years of his debut. Karl Lagerfield, the man behind the fashion powerhouse Chanel, was G-dragon’s friend and he regularly invited him to Chanel fashion weeks.

G-dragon was the creator of many of the K-pop trends that are still followed. He was the first one to Dye his hair for comebacks and experimented with fashion. The sneakers that he wore would sell out overnight. The hair colour he chose will be the trendiest Dye colour for that season. He also created the first light stick of Kpop. Yes, G-dragon personally designed and crafted VIP’s, Bigbang’s Fandom, lightstick. The lightstick was a huge hit and every other company followed suit. He was the first Asian to become the Global ambassador of Chanel.

G-dragon dissed MAMA in their own show and still had the power to get invited to MAMA the following year. He dissed MAMA for its ridiculous policy of giving out awards to only those who are in attendance. He was the man behind many of today’s K-pop trends.