Why I think Ayushman Khurana is the gem of Bollywood!

The handsome young lad is now the crush of almost every Indian girl. From great acting to class, comedy movies, he is somewhere a reason Bollywood isn't dead completely with its shitty love stories and endless fighting. He made his debut in the film Vicky Donor which was released in the year 2012. People loved his acting and the guy who is ready to choose different storylines. And with all those skills, singing was like the cherry on the cake. "Paani da" still rocks playlists to date.2015 was a good year with not too many movies but 2017 was the biggest success year in his life. He gave three hits back to back. People appreciated it wholeheartedly and we got a different star.

Now can you see the journey of this guy? He wasn't an overnight success. Maybe he had bad years but he always retaliated as a hero. The guy came out to be great and awesome because of his different strategies and love for movies. He never made a love story with the same old classy type. His every story was different. From being the guy with lots of kids to a guy who is blind and plays the piano, he played various roles. And everyone with a unique and different story from others.