Why "Idol: The Coup" is performing poorly despite the positive reviews?

JTBC Idol drama "Idol: The Coup" is not being able to surpass the 1% rating despite receiving positive feedback for its acting and storyline. The drama focuses on a failing girl group that is on the verge of disbandment and is in the search of one hit.

Drama's star-studded cast from EXID's Hani to WJSN's Exy is turning out to be not enough to grab the viewership. The drama is truthful in its execution and it is a lot more intense than expected. Then why is it not receiving enough attention?

According to the fans, it could be because of the broadcast timing of the drama. It broadcasts at 11 pm, a lot later than usual drama timings. Such dramas are targeted towards a young audience, but due to their timing, it is not being able to reach the expected audience.

Another reason why it is performing poorly domestically is that in Korea, Idol dramas do not get enough appreciation usually. Saeguk dramas are more preferred in South Korea. We have hardly seen any Idol drama performing well domestically regardless of its cast and plot.

My personal views are that it deserves to be seen at least once, this drama brings something refreshing and totally needful to the table. It is emotional, realistic, romantic, chaotic and heartbreaking. From acting to its execution, it tells a much-needed story.

Have you checked this drama out yet?