This is why Indian award shows don’t telecast live unlike the Grammy or Oscars award show!

1) The badass entry: Every Bollywood host wants a fully scripted, top-notch entry in the show. Be it jumping from a helicopter or coming in with band Baja. They wouldn’t want to go wrong with that.

2)Poor Scripts and Lame Jokes: Bollywood stars often crack lame jokes which are less funny and more offensive. The reaction is paid, the script is paid, everything is paid off. They are less real, more reel.

3) These award shows are more concerned about attracting a large number of viewers than being about honoring the talent. The extravaganza of sizzling dance numbers added to attract mass viewers in every award show makes them appear like reality shows than rather being award shows.

No one actually cares who won what. It's all about attracting viewers. So they simply record it and present a filtered 2-3 hour long laughing show.