Why is it still Christmas season for AESPA?

AESPA just released a new song “Forever” on February 5, 2021. Everything from the MV to the song gave the impression off wintery Christmas vibes.

Although Christmas is over AESPA is in a winter wonderland. The four-member group showed they can sing as much as they can dance with the release of “Forever”. Much like every SM group they’ve substantiated to be melodious and harmonious. Their discography with just two songs has proven to be as diverse as that of Red Velvet in terms of genres. The member that stood out the most was Gisele. The rapper of the group has proven that she can sing as much as she can rap. The Japanese born member was a trainee for just 11 months, making her the first female idol with the shortest training period out of all SM idols to debut. She was in the choir before joining SM entertainment in 2019 demonstrating a double edge sword to any threats for the group, nothing less expected from a Monster Rookie group.

The meaning behind the groups official name is also as unique as the group members. AE and Aspect meaning Avatar and Experience and "aspect" meaning "two sides", which signifies "meeting another self and experiencing the new world". New world here refers to the digital world where the AESPA members have their own avatar to communicate with their fans. A new digital platform soon rumoured to be released by SM entertainment.