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Why It's Okay to Not Be Okay Should Be on Your Watchlist

While it was rated 19+ in South Korea for its shocking content, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay quite literally broke the internet last year. It was brave, new and honest about many things which many choose to overlook. Set in a small town in Korea, this drama narrates a tale of love, psychological disorders, friendship and brotherhood. Here are a few reasons this Nertflix drama should be on your watchlist. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji's Chemistry If you like romances. This show definitely gives you your dose of romantic moments. You will find yourself rooting for the main couple in no time as you realise how perfect they are for each other. Honesty About Psychological Conditions This show does not romanticise misrepresent any of the conditions it shows (autism and potential antisocial personality disorder). In fact, it represents them with almost complete accuracy and shows the good and bad of people with this diagnosis. The Fashion If you are even remotely fond of fashion, Seo Ye-ji’s looks will leave you in love with this show. Seo flaunts a number of stunning and expensive looks which make the show even more of a visual treat if that was possible.

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