Why is Kangana obsessed with Karan Johar?

We all are aware that Kangana is going to be the host for Ekta Kapoor's new show - Lock Upp: Badass Jail Atyaachari Khel. The show has been making a lot of buzz since it's announcement. The show is set to air from 27th Feb, 2022. The concept of the show involved a number of celebrities locked up in a jail cell where Kangana will the power to punish or award their chosen contestants and even play 'khabri' to some. In a recent interaction with media Kagana revealed that she wants to lock up Karan Johar as he's her "best friend". I mean why is she so obsessed with him to the fact that she has to bring him up legit everywhere?

She said, "I would like to lock up my best friend Karan Johar ji, in my jail and host him there. Along with him, I'd even like to put Ekta Kapoor."