Why Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor's Love Met A Dead End?

As Valentine's Day approaches, Bollywood's lovebirds have started with their celebrations already. On this occasion, if we look back, we might see many couples who were madly in love with each other and had planned to get hitched. Well, not all plans work out. Couples like Abhishek Bachchan- Karishma Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan-Sangita Bijlani parted ways after taking major steps in their relationships. However, Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor were one of the most talked and loved couples. They had a long-term relationship and were pretty vocal about it. It was awful to see that fairytale end. Some reports suggested that Kareena's family was not in favour of her choice. Eventually, they broke up while shooting for their most loved romcom, Jab We Met. Irony!

I wonder, how things would have been different if they had decided otherwise. They would have been happily married, prepping their kid(s) to greet paps, and probably setting new couple goals every Valentine's Day. Which other couple should have been back together for their 'happily ever after'?