Why is 'Kashmir Files' the reality that we needed to see and not the 'Shikara'

I have watched both the films and it is very clear that Kashmir Files did justice to the sufferings of Kashmiri Pandits. On one side we have Kashmir Files being 'Brutally Honest' with the genocide that nobody wanted to talk about. While on the other side, Shikara just showcases a love story. Vidhu vinod Chopra had presented the love story wrapped up with the kashmir incident.

Kashmir Files is the harsh truth that till now only the Kashmiri Pandits had buried in their hearts. The movie made sure it showed what happened in Kashmir as is. Not balancing, not being apologetic, and not being "inclusive". No one needed that.

Talking about Shikara, while it is a beautifully told haunting love story, it is not a political drama or the 'untold story of Kashmiri Pandits' that it claims to be.