Why is Katrina Kaif’s father Mohammed Kaif absent from her wedding? All you need to know about him

There is little to no information about Mohammed Kaif, the father of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, and there is a reason for this. Katrina Kaif is being married to Vicky Kaushal in an elaborate Indian wedding ceremony, and while the pre-wedding photos show Katrina Kaif with her mother Suzanne Turquotte, her father Mohammed Kaif is noticeably absent. Katrina Kaif is not seen alongside her father Mohammed Kaif in any of the photos, and while he is scheduled to attend his daughter's wedding, there is a reason for his absence.


Katrina Kaif has always been candid about her connection with her mother, whom she has praised for being her rock. On the other side, she has remarked that growing up with an absentee father shaped her and reinforced her closeness with her mother Suzanne Turquotte. Katrina Kaif is the oldest of eight sisters and brothers. She has frequently written and spoken about her relationship with her siblings, but she has never mentioned her father. What is the truth behind Mohammed Kaif's disappearance from Katrina Kaif's life?


Mohammed Kaif is a businessman of Kashmiri heritage. He started his company in the United Kingdom but eventually relocated it. When Katrina was very little, Mohammed Kaif and Suzanne Turquotte split, and he moved to the United States. Katrina has had very few interactions with her father since then. In truth, she adopted her mother's maiden name, Katrina Turquotte, which she later altered to Kaif after joining the Bollywood profession to make it easier to pronounce.


In interviews, Katrina Kaif has expressed how she misses having a father role in her life and how the split from Mohammed Kaif impacted her small child.


As Katrina Kaif prepares to marry, her father, Mohammed Kaif, will be in attendance. According to sources, it will be Katrina's mother Suzanne Turquotte, not her father, who will lead her down the aisle, as Katrina considers Suzanne to be both a mother and a father to her, and she is incredibly close to her mother.