Why Love Aaj Kal 2, wasn't able to create magic on-screen?

Firstly because it is an Imtiaz Ali film that has a unique audience base that adores his filmmaking and storytelling. I also watched the movie just because of Imtiaz Ali and honestly speaking I liked the film because of the way it dealt with the concept of love and lust, the problem of commitment in a relationship, a serious issue of finding a balance between work and love life that is faced by today's young people mostly in the age bracket of 22–30.

But I had seen the reaction of some Imtiaz Ali fans who even liked his Tamasha and all films but did not get connected to this concept because they were not targeted audience for this subject, so when they came out of the theatre and said it's not a good film it automatically creates a bad impression in the mind of people who are the target audience of the film and that's how it loses audience like happened with one more movie of Imtiaz Ali i.e. Tamasha where the target audience watch it later and consider it as one of the best films.