Why "MAMA The Idol" can be a groundbreaking initiative after the string of repetitive variety shows?

I recently came around this variety show "Mamam The Idol" which is scheduled to release on December 10. It instantly tickled my fancy, in this new drama veteran idols such as School’s Kahi, Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah, and Wonder Girls’ Sunye will make their return after long years of hiatus.

“Mama the Idol” (literal title) will project veteran stars who took some time off to fulfil their parental duties making their return. Female stars who were once active as girl group members or actresses will be produced as a new girl group and receive training.

This variety show is based on a unique and productive idea, to relaunch these legendary stars and to form a new girl group, it can be inspiring to the women who have given up on their dreams. The drama will also share the struggles and hardships of these idols through their journey to transform themselves into mothers, these heartwarming stories along with this race to become an idol again will surely be intriguing.

The first teaser for the show reveals After School’s Kahi, Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah, and Wonder Girls’ Sunye transforming back into idols. For Sunye and Kahi, who live abroad with their families, participating in this project was not an easy decision. It will be interesting to see these amazing women facing these challenges to break the norms revolving around idols.

Are you interested in watching this variety show?

Check out the teaser below!