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Why Mira Kapoor is the Brand Endorser for Vocal for Local

Mira Kapoor is very active on social media and those of you who follow her on Instagram, already know her love for home-grown desi brands. From following Ayurveda to pitch her support to the India Toy Fair 2021, Mira has always been supportive towards local brands and uses them for herself and her family as well.

Mira Kapoor, who has come to the limelight post her wedding with Shahid Kapoor, has used her fame for a good cause as she has set up her Amazon store which consists of Ayurveda rich cosmetics and beauty products. She has also started posting videos on the benefits of Ayurveda and how ancient India fosters scientifically proven methodologies to keep your hair and skin game on point.

Well, we truly believe tha Mira is our desi girl and why she would make up for a perfect Brand Endorser for Vocal for Local.


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